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"Great Way To Read Books On Your iPhone"

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This is a very good app that allows you to find eBooks to read on your iPhone. There are both free and paid eBooks available and the cute bookself is a nice added features to store your downloaded eBook. You can even customize the text size of the eBook your reading.

The downside is while it's better looking and easier to manage than Kindle, it has less eBooks available than the Kindle app. It also can lag majorly while trying to open the eBook as well as flipping through the pages.

All and all the way it makes eBooks easy to access and not needing an addition account like you do for Kindle makes iBooks a nice app to have for eBook readers who wish to read their favorite books on the good. Just remember it will lag at times.

  • Eye Pleasing Bookcase
  • Makes You Favorite eBooks Easy To Find
  • Ability To Customize The Text Size
  • Free
  • Can Lag A Bit
  • Doesn't Have The Selection Of eBooks That Kindle Does

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01 Aug 2010

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